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NaNo Interlude

I took a brief pause in feeling like a heel for not getting any work done on my novel this week – and thereby pretty much ensuring that I wouldn’t meet my NaNo goal – to read a conversation between Nathan Bransford and Sarah McCarry.

The very last comment makes Sarah my favorite person:

Sarah: The best advice I can think of is…that the one thing everyone who finishes a book has in common is that they got it done. The circumstances of people’s lives are so different–I don’t think it’s useful to say “you must write for at least fifteen minutes every day” or “you must achieve a certain word count weekly”…Some people write a book in a year and some people take a decade, or their whole lives; some people write every day and some people don’t write at all for months. There’s no one right way to do it. I think the key is finding the story you want to tell, which no one else can do for you, and finding the best way to work with your own brain…

You can read the entire conversation here.

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