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NaNo Day 1

Meandered through the forums last night. There were a lot of crazy people there all psyched up to begin writing at the stroke of midnight. I wondered if I should join them.

Nah…Let the crazies be crazy. I’d rather go to bed.

I wouldn’t say I woke up thinking about my novel – pretty much the only thing I wake up thinking about is the fact that I don’t want to be awake – but I did start thinking about it rather quickly. I’m still trying to get the plot worked out in my head, so I was doing a mental interview of my creative self:

“Why didn’t he open the package? I would have opened the package right away.”
Because he thought it wasn’t for him. Maybe he and his mom have a very similar name and someone misspelled the name, or the name was smudged.

“Why didn’t he call his mom and tell her she had gotten a really, really cool/strange/musty package?”
Because he was mad at her? No. Because she was in a hard to reach location. Yeah, she was gone and he couldn’t get a hold of her.

“She didn’t have a cell phone? He couldn’t call her?”
Not in Papua, New Guinea. Pretty sure they don’t get cell service in Papua, New Guinea…do they?? Plus, I’m pretty sure he’s mad at his mom for being gone anyway.

…and so on and so forth. (Hey, I know it’s not riveting stuff, but I had to figure out why he didn’t just open the dang package in the first place.)

Anyway…I had to be at school early, but I managed to get a few words typed (on my Blackberry) before kids started showing up. I’m not crazy about my word count today, but it’s a start…

Word Count: 603

Feeling: Skeptical

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