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NaNo Day 3

So, you’re supposed to pick a genre for your novel.

My genre is called “No freakin’ clue.”

I mean, seriously, I haven’t written the thing yet. How am I supposed to know what genre it’s in?

Supposedly, the trick to figuring out your genre is to imagine you’ve finished writing your book. You’ve queried your agent, gotten representation, been picked up by a major publishing house, and your little baby is finally hitting bookstores! (Pause…Let’s enjoy this dream for a bit.)

Now, imagine you’ve walked into a bookstore, and you see your book.

What shelf is it on?

Well, duh. On the “Bestsellers” rack at the front of the store!

I mean, if we’re gonna dream, we might as well dream big.

Word Count: 2338

Feeling: Slightly panicked.

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