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NaNo Day 4

I’m stuck.

Not even three thousand words into this thing, and I’m already at an impasse.

I’ve written about a thousand words today, but it’s been the same paragraph about ten times. So the real count is 124. Yep. That’s right. One hundred twenty-four little words is all I have to show for today.

The helpful little chart on the NaNo homepage tells me that, at this rate, I will finish January 21, 2014. (Which is pretty good considering that when I started, it said I would finish sometime next July.)

But I just can’t figure out how to progress this scene, and I can’t bring myself to write crap just for the sake of word count.

So what will I do?

I’ll do what I always do when I come to a problem I’m too tired to handle…

…go to bed.

Word Count: 2462

Feeling: Irritated

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